♥ cute DIY cards for your valentine ♥

all_cardsWe know what you are thinking… WHO HAS TIME TO MAKE A VALENTINE’S DAY CARD?! Ummm. We do. And so do you! These cards are so easy and require little time and just a few materials.

What you’ll need:
♥ good quality paper/card stock
♥ stamps / ink pads
♥ watercolor paint set
♥ scissors
♥ X-Acto knife / blade
♥ glitter (yes! you know you love glitter)
♥ Elmer’s school glue
♥ a nice pen
♥ a pencil
♥ ribbons
♥ what ever else you can rummage up

Bee is a bit more artistic than I so she tried out her hand with the paint set. She also feels comfortable using the X-Acto knife. Yikes. That’s not really my thing. I’m more of a stamp-glitter-ribbon kind-of-girl. And that is totally okay. Remember, a Valentine is a note of your affection and it’s from the heart. When it’s homemade, it’s so much sweeter.

Below, you find a few of our ideas. Maybe they’ll inspire you to nix the mass produced greeting cards. Go ahead, break out the sparkles, craft up some cupids, and wax poetic.

Cut-outs (difficult + easy):
Bee tried out a few different techniques with cut-out cards. I think they are both really super. I also love that she is catering to two different skill levels. The first option highlights ideas from Ashley Pahl Design, featured in I ♥ Stationary. You’ll need an X-Acto knife for the precise cut-outs. It is a bit tricky at first but Bee said once she got going, the process moved along quickly. Simply trace / draw your pattern in pencil and shade in the area that you plan to cut out. With the X-Acto knife, remove the shaded area. Glue red or pink (or whatever color you wish) on the bottom half of the inside of the card. Voila!


Perhaps you like the idea of the cut-out card but your skill level is more beginner. This classic candy heart cut-out is so sweet and simple. Same process, less detail.

I love stamps. They are quick, super easy, and reusable for years. For the background on both cards I simply used a damp sponge to apply red ink. On one card I stamped on a simple Valentine greeting and hearts. This took all of 30 seconds. You can do this! However, the repeated love phrases required a bit more of my time and my concentration. If you have a nice black pen and a few love phrases to repeat, you are set.

Glue + Glitter = heaven. Any excuse is a good excuse to get messy with glitter. This sparkle card shines bright.
The mini hearts are melting my heart. Bee said that she practiced her penmanship with the brush before she committed it to card stock. Looks like she nailed it! I might suggest a ruler to guide you along the card. Make sure your watercolor isn’t water logged or your lovely message / design will drip as you let it dry.


Maybe you’re new to this DIY concept and at this point – overwhelmed. First, take a deep breath. Second, visit Tagul and create your Valentine’s Day card in moments with just a few clicks.

sparkling_cardNo matter how you craft your card, it’s made with love. Well done.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
X❤X❤X❤, Em


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