currently crushing on… paris eastside


As planned, I spent Valentine’s evening cooking with the hubby at a little French cooking school nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill. I recently took in a crêpes-making demonstration with Muriel Foucher from Paris Eastside. Well, after following her “real” cooking class last night, I have even more reasons to recommend her. Muriel just knows how to bring the right modern twists to traditional French cuisine. She put us at ease right away, giving us aprons while explaining the recipes and giving the first instructions. We kneaded dough, chopped veggies, rubbed tuna with spices and finally enjoyed a delicious, well-deserved dinner. She also shared some valuable tips for food and wine pairing. But beyond tips and hands-on action, Muriel painted a larger picture of French cuisine and culture — whether by explaining what the “apéritif” is or telling us how she once tried to smuggle some dried veal stock through customs. And seeing my husband cooking outside of his comfort zone (and hopefully adding a couple of recipes to his repertoire) has no price. By the way, she’s hosting a wine and chocolate pairing this evening from 5pm to 7pm for only $5. I might come by, and you should too.


Have a long and relaxing weekend. I’m personally planning to finish watching the first season of House of Cards (if you’re not already addicted it’s seriously time to catch up), to indulge in some vegan food with friends at Plum and attend a reprise of the Seattle’s symphony Valentine’s program. Em will be off to Colorado but she already has something in the works for us, and it has to do with flowers. I’m not saying anything more; come and check us out on Monday.



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