arranging loose flowers

Collage_FlowersBee and I have often joked about how we would love for our husbands to bring home flowers on randoms days – not just on the “required” days… ie. Valentine’s Day or anniversary, etc. A spontaneously gifted bouquet seems more meaningful than a bouquet on a commercial holiday.

Flash back to 7 years ago when my husband and I were in the early stages of our courtship… I told him that I didn’t need flowers on Valentine’s Day and that it was silly to spend a bunch of money on a “canned” bouquet. Of all the times for him to listen to me! I was crushed but I learned an important lesson about myself. I do want flowers on Valentine’s Day because I love flowers and I love to be loved. Yes, I want them randomly as tokens of my husband’s affection. But let’s be honest here – I’m a romantic and I want flowers. Period.

edited flowers5_againThis year, since my husband and I traveled for the President’s Day weekend holiday, he surprised me with an early Valentine’s Day loose flower bouquet. Not only do I love flowers but I find great joy in arrange them myself. It’s my chance to be creative with a gift I’ve been given.

Full discloser: I worked in a flower shop for years. One thing I noticed about the clientele was that people were hesitant to give/receive flowers in the form of a loose floral bouquet. Me? I have plenty of containers and would much rather spend the money on the flowers. But I thought about this objectively. Perhaps people are overwhelmed to receive a whole bouquet…. they aren’t sure what to do with it. My advice? As with most things in life, take it step-by-step.

First, open the bouquet and separate everything. It might seem silly but you need to get to know what you are working with. These should be on a large work surface – all separated. Truly see it. My bouquet consists of: lemon leaf, lilies, roses, alstroemeria, tulips and hyacinths. Fill a container with fresh water and add your greens. These are your base. Work in the roses, one at a time. Then, the alstro (again one at a time), then the lilies, then the tulips, then the hyacinths. Remember to give each stem a fresh cut as you go and work the arrangement from all sides.

Now, our hard work is showcased in a lovely flower arrangement. As the days pass, remember to change the water and give your flowers a fresh cut. Eventually, your bouquet will begin to wilt. Check back with us on Thursday and I’ll show you how to spruce up your arrangement. For now, enjoy your work of art!

edited flowers3_again

Have a great week!



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