sprucing up your bouquet

wilting 1

This is what my Valentine’s Day bouquet looks like after daily water changes and fresh cuts. Despite my efforts, the tulips are gonzo. Most of the flowers are still lovely but the arrangement is looking a bit haggard, no? It needs some serious sprucing. And while I’m at it… I’m going to rearrange the bouquet into mini bouquets. I have a bunch of glassybabys that are so darn cute and flowers make them even cuter.

In Monday’s post, I mentioned that it’s really important to separate the flowers and truly see what you are working with. The lemon leaf, lilies, roses, alstroemeria, and hyacinths are all in pretty good shape. I also picked up a bunch of wax-flower at the market because I think it will add a softness to the mini bouquets and I love the lemony smell.

loose flowers1

Let’s get started! Pick out your new containers. Don’t have glassybabys? Mini jam jars work great or reuse glass cream or milk jars. Your containers need not match! Fill up your petite containers with fresh, cold water. Cut your greens to fill the new containers. If you remember anything from this post remember this… once you cut your flowers the length is gone. It will not come back. I usually cut each stem a bit at a time until I have the length just right. Follow along with the wax flower (also called chamelaucium) and then alstro, roses, hyacinths and lilies. Pretty simple, huh?



How darling are these? Perfect for the dinner table or on the nightstand. Line them up or separate them around the flat.

Collage3Enjoy your mini bouquets!



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