currently crushing on… chowder that warms the heart

pike place chowderIt’s official. Even though I promised myself it would never happen… after 9 years of living in Seattle, I’ve become a weather wimp. Despite my tough New England roots, I’ve gone soft. The temperature hasn’t even been that cold, and yet I still can’t shake the cold. This makes me a little sad; almost as if a part of me is eroding away. Fear not, there’s a silver lining here.

Bee and I were running errands in Pike Place Market and sought shelter at Pike Place Chowder. Somehow, I’ve missed out on this little gem. Lucky for me, Bee is well acquainted with PPC and showed me the ropes.

counter 2

Step 1. Order chowder. Don’t be fooled – this is the hardest part! Everything looks so good that it’s hard to decide which chowder you want to commit to! In the end, we opted for a sampler of four different chowders: smoked salmon, seared scallop, seafood bisque, and the vegan chowder. We really wanted to order the classic, New England Clam Chowder, but it is made with bacon. Sadly, a deal breaker for us. For all you bacon lovers – I think you are in for a treat. Try it and let us know!

Step 2. Find a seat. This place is cozy and fills up quick!

bow down 2
Step 3. Ogle the awards… bow down to the chowder gods!

if ya ain't first your last2

Step 4. Ogle the chowder!


Step 5. Let your taste buds go to work. Oh my stars. Where to start? The seafood bisque is out of this world. And did I mention award winning? The seared scallop chowder is divine.The vegan chowder was alright. We aren’t vegan but wanted to see what was being offered to the vegan crowd. It wasn’t my favorite but to be fair, I wasn’t there for vegan chowder. Let’s not forget the Pacific Northwest specialty, smoked salmon chowder!! This chowder is creamy, yummy, can-I-lick-the-bowl-when-you’re-done? goodness. I want chowder this good in the comfort of my own home.

all done 2

You can guess where this is going… while savoring our chowder, Bee and I discussed the idea of creating our own chowder recipe. We are going to craft a batch up this weekend. I think we have some great ideas and we have a specialist in mind for some tips. Check back with us on Monday for the results!


7 thoughts on “currently crushing on… chowder that warms the heart

  1. Em are you a bacon hater? I’m often amazed of the power of pork when adding a layers of flavor. Don’t be scared!

    • I’m actually the one to blame here and not Em. I happen to be a vegetarian or, more precisely, a pescetarian. Believe me, I would have loved trying their clam chowder, it looked really good! My loss…

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