say “i do” to DIY wedding flowers

bouquet1Yep, we made that and so can you. Isn’t it so romantic? Wedding season is upon us and I can’t wait.

If you’ve ever thought about arranging your own wedding flowers but are intimidated by what seems to be an enormous task (on top of the entire task of planning a wedding) we want to assure you that with enlisting help (hello bridesmaids!) and having realistic expectations (we’ll help you with that), you can create your own bridal flowers.

flowersWe recently had the opportunity to chat with Muriel-Marguerite Foucher of Paris Eastside at one of her recent wine tastings. The three of us discussed the idea of joining forces to teach monthly DIY flower arranging classes. We all love arranging flowers and Muriel has the perfect space to teach classes. It seemed like a natural fit.

While discussing the flowers for the bouquets Bee asked, “Well, what exactly are you looking for?” I didn’t have a good answer. I told her that I would know it when I saw it. Every bouquet starts with inspiration somewhere… you just have to find it.

So we walked over to Pike Place Flowers, the little flower shop near the market. Eureka! I found roses that were pale pink with a lavender, silver hue. So soft, almost antique-y and with an enchanting perfume. This flower was spotlight worthy. I had found my star, my inspiration. Now I needed the rest of the bouquet.


On the way home I picked off a bit of white heather, from a large shrubbery. It had the most lovely drape to it and I couldn’t resist. I had been looking for seeded eucalyptus but couldn’t find any at the flower shops. This would have to do. The goodies: loose flowersBee was pretty excited but also a little nervous about arranging her own bouquet. I decided to take her under my wing as my first student and gave her pointers as we went along. I think her final project deserves an A+.

conversation level bouquet

If this looks like something that you’d like to learn how to make, join us as we team up with Muriel at Paris Eastside for a two-hour class on April 6th. You will learn fundamental techniques, including how to make floral foam arrangements and hand-held bouquets while staying on a budget. We will also provide you with local sources for purchasing flowers as well as tips and tricks to care for your bouquets. This is your opportunity to learn and brainstorm with the pros in a fun and friendly environment! At the end of the class, you’ll come back home with a simple yet professional and elegant conversation-level arrangement and a bridal bouquet. Bring your friends and make it a girls’ day out — and don’t forget your bridesmaids so they can support you and help you prep for your big day. Check Paris Eastside for registration and other details.

bouquet3We hope to see you on Saturday, April 6th @ 11am! Happy wedding planning!



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