currently crushing on… swoon worthy cherry blossoms

UW QuadIt’s no secret that spring has sprung in Seattle, thanks to the explosion of cherry blossoms around the city. And what better place to see them than the University of Washington’s campus? Something so spectacular should be enjoyed by all before it starts snowing petals! For the next few weeks, the Quad is picture perfect, attracting young and old, locals and tourists alike.


Such a stunning vision has of course drawn both professional and amateur photographers to snap pictures of children gathering fallen cherry blossoms or climbing the gnarled limbs of the trees, dogs frolicking in the grass, couples celebrating their love, and expecting parents announcing babies “coming soon…” With a backdrop of architectural perfection and soft petals in bloom, it’s impossible to take a bad picture. Yes, spring is here and Seattle is rejoicing.  And why shouldn’t we?

blossom branch with charm

Of course, such an impressive scene makes me think there must be a romantic history linked to these trees. I made a few inquiries and discovered that the Yoshino Cherry Trees were originally planted in the Washington Park Arboretum around 1939 and replanted on the UW campus in the ’60s. Their relocation to the UW campus was due to the construction of the 520 highway. I supposed the romance of the trees must be in the memories that have been made since their planting…

yoshino and window

Me? I’m going back. I want to wander the path, hand in hand with my hubby while we are cloaked by the sweet perfume of the Yoshinos. I’ll ask him about his day and tell him all about mine. Maybe we’ll pack a blanket and share a little tea or picnic. We’ll bring books but leave the cell phones at home and just swoon over “us” time. All this, with a romantically pink canopy that is so intoxicating, it’s almost boozy. I want to drink it up!

classic yoshinos

Sure, there are plenty of cherry trees to be seen around Seattle, but the Quad is truly breathtaking. Life is too short to not stop and smell the flowers. Go. Soak it in and enjoy your weekend.

XOXO, Bee & Em

Cherry Blossoms UW


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